Key data about Łódź

670,642 - population

of which 382,440 are of working age

fourth most populous city

Łódź is the fourth most populous city in Poland

19 public and private universities

74.773 students, 17.820 graduates, 5.000 foreign students

35 000 - potential labour market

IT, finance, accounting, HR, customer services

6 314 (PLN)

Average gross salary in the private sector

4, 5% unemployment

4, 5% unemployment


Coverage the area of the city with local spatial development plans

59 days

The average time for issuing a site development conditions decision

39 days

the average time for issuing a building permit

Source: The Łódź Real Estate Market Focus on the PRS - Study by the Polish Association of Developers

In recent years, Łódź has been experiencing dynamic development in all major areas of modern technologies. It has become home to 107 BPO/SSC companies and over 200 IT firms, employing a total of 65 000 specialists with plans for further growth. The city's comprehensive and well-thought-out development has been recognized by numerous investors who have decided to embark on entirely new projects or expand their existing operations. Among the most significant and valuable projects in terms of innovation, size, and quality of jobs are: Wella Company (Centrum of Excellence, Germany), Vention (IT, USA), InfoPulse (IT, Ukraine), EY (Center for Excellence), Alorica (BPO, USA), Daikin (Japan), First Derivative (Ireland), and DataArt (USA).