Mickiewicza Avenue / Gdańska Street


LOCATION Attractive location of the area in the very center of Łódź, at the main traffic artery and in the neighbourhood of the planned green inner-quarter passage
PERMITTED LAND USE Increased permissible height of the designed buildings in the frontage of Mickiewicza Avenue in relation to the remaining area - up to 25m / 35m; high indices of built-up area and development intensity for the properties located in the frontage of Mickiewicza Avenue (depending on the site location: the maximum built-up area index – 85% / 100%, maximum development intensity index - 7.0 / 8.2)
  A possibility to develop 3 real estates (2 private + 1 city) in the form of one or several investments
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Adopted parameters of the development may be subject to change resulting from a detailed analysis of the conditions of the planned investment in terms of meeting the requirements of the special law and other laws, including, among others, the construction law and technical conditions to which the buildings and their location should correspond, as well as individual opinions and agreements of competent authorities and units, as well as preferences and investment plans of the investor.

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